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UPR Seat Brackets


The UPR Seat Bracket will work on most FIA shell style racing seats. The UPR Seat Bracket locates the belt mount as close to the seat opening as possible (minimizing the length of material between the buckle and the mount), thus reducing the amount of excess stretch in the belts during a crash. The reduced material length from buckle to mount also allows your belt mounts double shear. The combination of these characteristics creates the strongest seat and seat belt setup in the business. This design will help keep all the energy from traveling though the car and directing into the shell of your seat, possibly cracking the seat shell, or worse. A built in crumple zone will help absorb energy in an impact, thus reducing the energy traveling through the seat and occupant.

The UPR seat bracket is a popular choice for extreme racing environments such as off road desert and short course racing.

The bracket is available in wide or narrow base options for UTV and applications with limited space. Can be purchased in raw steel or with a Steel-It protecting finish.

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